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Save >50% of energy

 Every company and organization is confronted these days with increased energy costs. We can help you reduce the amount of energy you spend on lighting. Invest into LED lighting to increase your overall quality of lighting and to save your energy costs, maintenance costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) with very high return on investment (ROI) and very long product life.

LED Panel

Ideal lighting for offices, schools. Easy but effective, with high quality and long lasting. Different dimensions available.

LED High Bay

The most effective lighting products for factory lighting. Effectivity up to 180lm/W.

EV chargers

You can now add EV chargers to your environment and if you need more EV chargers in 1 location we can provide you with management system for load balancing, reserved capacity monitoring and management and even combining EV charging with photovoltaics and battery storage systems

LED Triproof

Triproof luminaire protects from dust, water and is anticorrosion. Its suitable for hallways, garages, parking places and damp dusty environment

Management of lighting

Now you can manage your lighting like computers on network. Via existing power cables you can now automatically adjust dimming of lighting based on exterior lighting, time schedules, scenes, individually or in groups based on your requirements

LED Ceiling lighting

Ideal for easy and cheap lighting in technical rooms, toilets, kitchenettes. You can combine it with sensors for automated lighting

LED Linear lighting

Ideal for lighting of isles between blocks of shelf and in warehouses.

LED Downlight

Ideal for corridor lighting, hallways. This luminaire is embedded in the ceiling.


Produce your own energy from sun and save on energy by buying less energy from your energy provider. Your rooftop photovoltaic powerplant will produce energy and last more than 25 years


– Mini audit of current luminaires, electrical distribution boxes etc
– Optimal lighting calculation in DIALUX
– Proposed new lighting products together with pricing proposal and ROI calculations
– Competitive comparison
– Product deliveries
– Installation
– Warranty and After Warranty service
– Project financing


– We sell directly to customers or to our partners. We provide full presales and aftersales support
– We always look for active quality business partners in whole Slovakia

– Business partners, i.e. Electro installation companies, construction companies, architects, construction engineers, electro engineers and general contractors are welcome to cooperate with us.


SELECTED REFERENCES – direct sales or sold via our business partners:

Ministerstvo dopravy, výstavby a regiálneho rozvoja

Obec Čečejovce, Obec deviČie, mesto Levoča, obec Močenok, obec Jakubov, mesto Sabinov

Fitness centrum BodyWorld, sports hall region poprad

Tesco cz, sk, hu stores, retail outlet Motozem, OBI centrum

VW Bratislava, factory hall Brezová pod Bradlom, factory halls Komárno, factory hall Berto

And others..

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